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1- Fundamentals of Human Resources

This workshop explores some of the primary disciplines in the human resources function. While obtaining exposure to a wide variety of topics you gain insight, acquire knowledge, and develop skills in general human resources body of knowledge.

2- Strategic Human Resources Planning
Strategic planning is essential for today's human resources professionals. Strategic HR planning encompasses strategy, department operations, prioritization of initiatives that link to business strategy, a marketing plan, and a budget that supports these efforts. HR professionals must understand the assimilation of these components to desired outcomes from the HR function and its overall impact on organizational results.

3- Performance Management and Appraisal
Human resource departments today are being called upon to make greater, more measurable contributions to their organization's bottom line. Few HR efforts are seen to contribute more to an organization's productivity and profitability than a comprehensive, effective performance management system.

4- Recruitment, Selection and Hiring
Staffing an organization today has become more complex than ever. Projecting when to add or reduce headcount is one of the strategic contributions human resource professionals are expected to make. Create and implement an effective interviewing process to identify, hire, and promote the most qualified applicants and employees based on the requirements of the job and the needs of your organization.

5- Fundamentals of Compensation
Understanding and effectively integrating the fundamental elements of compensation management and salary administration is critical to sound compensation plans that support and reinforce organizational objectives. The technical skills and practical knowledge explored in this workshop will enable you to respond more knowledgeably and creatively to the needs of your organization. You will also gain an appreciation of how subtle differences in compensation impact human resources systems, which in turn impact the organization as a whole.

6- Job Analysis
The success of many human resources initiatives is contingent upon effective job analysis. Keys to being effective are a consistent process of fact-gathering, documentation, analysis, and controlling for factors that could undermine the objectivity and usefulness of the process.

7- Developing Effective Training
This workshop provides less experienced trainers with an overview of the training process and shows them how to make each element yield effective learning results.

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